About Us

Tsubaki Camellias Inc. is a plant developer and plant propagator.  We grow and sell thousands of ornamental flowering camellias as well as Camellia sinensis Tea Plants and ship them anywhere in the continental United States to wholesale growers who then take our product to the next level.  Our family business has been in operation for well over 50 years, and we take pride in offering only the best Tea Plants for American Tea Growers.

Tsubaki Tea™ is a collection of Camellia sinensis Tea Plants that have been developed and/or selected as superior plants and grown and distributed by Tsubaki Camellias.  Over the past 20 years, we have evaluated and grown Camellia sinensis for the purpose of providing a  unique and attractive landscape shrub that could also be used for making tea.      Camellia sinensis cultivars have many diverse characteristics such as differing leaf sizes, leaf shapes, plant appearance, growth habit and flower color.  All of this diversity makes it really easy for Camellia sinensis tea plants to find a place in our gardens and landscapes today.

We have created two special collections of tea plants that we produce and grow for our customers….

  • Tsubaki Tea Select™  –  is a collection of various Camellia sinensis tea plants that we have selected to provide to our customers that meets the high standards of today’s gardeners.
  • Tsubaki Tea Signature ™ – Is a collection of plants developed and grown by Tsubaki Camellias Inc.

We are actively working on developing Tea Plants that can be grown outdoors in colder climates. Being able to extend the boundaries of tea to colder climates offers much hope and interest for the increasing demand for the growing interest for Tea in America.

Tsubaki Camellias grows Tsubaki Tea™ for growers and the wholesale trade.   If you are a wholesale or retail grower or reseller, or if you are a farmer or small gardener who wants to buy our liners in bulk, we invite you to give us a try. There is much excitement in America today about growing Tea. Whether it is grown by the average home gardener needing just a few plants to Tea farmers needing hundreds or thousands of plants, to nursery growers who want to sell Camellia sinensis Tea Plants in their establishments, Tsubaki Camellias can provide the plants necessary to meet the demand for a rapidly growing Tea Industry in America.

Regardless of your Tea Plant needs, Tsubaki Camellias can provide you with Tea Plants to help your Tea growing dreams come true.