About Us

Welcome to Tsubaki Camellias Inc.  We are a plant developer and grower.  Each year we grow and sell thousands of ornamental flowering camellias as well as Camellia sinensis Tea Plants and ship them throughout the continental United States to both retail and wholesale customers.   Our family business has been in operation since 1957 in Savannah Georgia when we began selling ornamental flowering Camellias.  These fall and winter beauties have been adoring gardens, tables and lapels for over 200 years in the USA and have been the driving force behind our business.


The Camellia family is made up of over 250 different species.  The most popular being Camellia japonica & Camellia sasanqua.  While we are interested in many of the camellia species, one in particular caught our attention in 2007.  Interestingly enough, this camellia species is famous for the beverage produced by it’s leaves – Tea!  Tea is the 2nd most popular beverage in the world only next to water and yes – it is a flowering ornamental!


It’s not like the other bountiful blooming camellias though.  It’s leaves have a different structure and contain certain compounds that when processed, creates the calming brew that we love.  The other flowering Camellias are not used for making tea.  Only the leaves of Camellia sinensis cultivars are used for the tea process.


Camellia sinensis not only can be used for tea, but it is an extraordinary landscape plant.  It is evergreen, it does flower, however the flowers are small and simple, and it can grow in a wide variety of climates.  We found that it can find it’s place in most any garden or it could be grown in containers.  It was only natural that we began to explore all the different varieties of plants that could be developed within this species.  Not all plants are different, and we wanted to grow a collection of Tea Plants that were superior to others and had a wide variety of characteristics.  Simply put, we only wanted the best for our customers.  Because of this desire to provide only the best,  Tsubaki Tea was created.


Tsubaki Tea is Camellia sinensis Tea Plants that have been developed and/or selected as superior plants and grown and distributed by Tsubaki Camellias.     Camellia sinensis cultivars have many diverse characteristics such as differing leaf sizes, leaf shapes, plant appearance, growth habit and flower color.  All of this diversity makes it really easy for Camellia sinensis tea plants to find a place in our gardens and landscapes today.


Tsubaki Tea is comprised of 3 collection of tea plants….

  • Tsubaki Tea ‘Choice Collection’  –  is a collection of various Camellia sinensis tea plants that we have obtained and selected from many different growers to provide to our customers that meets the high standards of today’s gardeners.
  • Tsubaki Tea Signature Collection – Is a collection of plants developed and grown by Tsubaki Camellias Inc.
  • Tsubaki Tea – ‘Nature’s Select’.  A collection of Mother Nature’s finest seedlings.  Each plant in this collection is a different variety and were all grown from seeds.


We are enjoying our tea journey and we learn something new every day.  If we can be of assistance to you, please contact us!

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