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My August Oolong Tea

So, here’s another attempt at making my Oolong Tea.  I really like Oolong.  It’s very easy to make, and the results vary each time, but I like it.  Oolong Tea is somewhere in between green and black.  It’s very nice.  It does take a bit more effort, but this batch turned out quite nicely.   This [Continue]

First Flush Frost Tea

Cold Cold damage to new growth on teadamage to new growth on Tea

Cold Cold damage to new growth on teadamage to new growth on Tea

Weather in the southeastern US has been unpredictable this entire year.  First we were hit with an unexpected back door tropical storm which left debris and damage everywhere, then Matthew blew in causing another disruptive mess.  We had the warmest winter on record with temperatures reaching 80ºF in January and February.  This unusually warming caused [Continue]

Summer Harvesting of Tea Plants

Grow Your Own Tea with Camellia sinensis and Tsubaki Tea

Fresh Green Leaves picked, ready for processing

Summer Harvest of Tea Plants Summer in Georgia is harsh for most things, but for camellia sinensis tea plants, which love the sun and heat, it is ideal.  With temperatures soaring in the upper 90’s, the tea plants are growing like weeds and we are getting harvest every 10-12 days.  Even though rainfall has been [Continue]

Basic Tea Recipes

Steamed Green Tea Leaves

Steamed Green Tea Leaves

Making tea is an art, one that professional tee masters take years to  perfect.  But making your own tea from Camellia sinensis is easy!  You may not be a profession tea master, and the tea you produce may not be of trade quality, but you certainly can come up with a beverage that you will [Continue]