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Growing Camellia sinensis in Containers

2G Tea Plants

2G Tea Plants

Camellia sinensis can be successfully grown in containers as long as you follow some guidelines!   The most important thing to remember about Camellia sinensis Tea Plants is that they will absolutely not tolerate wet soils or soils that do not drain properly.  Make sure you pay close attention to the recommendations we have for [Continue]

Growing Tea From Seeds

Let them sit in the sun until they crack open.

We have grown Camellias from seeds for years with this method with great success.  This can be used to germinate ornamental flowering Camellias as well as Camellia sinensis Tea Plants.  Seeds can be harvested in late summer to early fall.  To test to see if they are ready, gently remove the husk from a tea [Continue]

Benefits of Mulch

Camellia Sinensis

Camellia sinensis makes an excellent plant for your landscape garden!

Mulching your Camellia sinensis tea plants can provide a wealth of benefits such as Temperature and moisture regulation to protect roots Weed preventative Provide nutrients as mulch breaks down Even in growing in containers, providing a mulch to the top of your containers can make happy plants.  We add bark chips to the top of [Continue]

Fertilizing Camellia sinensis

Making sure your plants have adequate nutrition will provide you with healthy plants!  There are many options when choosing what to feed your camellia sinensis. Natural Fertilizers Natural fertilizers are usually the best choice when it comes to feeding your tea plants.  There are many things on the market that you can use that will [Continue]

Grow Your Own Tea

Only after water, Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world.  For over 5000 years it has played an unique role in history.  It has brought people together and ripped people apart.  It has made us feel better, think clearer, and comforted us when we needed it and affects us all – in body, mind and [Continue]

The Importance Of Good Drainage

Tea Plants, like all other camellias, like to be moist but not wet.  They do not need to be dry, and they especially do not need to be wet. Tea is more sensitive to very wet conditions than most other species of camellias, and Tea Plants can’t survive if the conditions are very wet. The [Continue]

Tea – The Next Great Plant for Landscape Gardens

Old Savannah Tea Flowers

Old Savannah Tea™ Flowers

For 1000’s of years, gardeners all over the world have been growing and enjoying Tea. The Tea Plant is the common name for this incredible plant, but its botanical name is Camellia sinensis. That’s right, this incredible plant is a member of the camellia family. Just like their ornamental cousins, Camellia sinensis plants are native [Continue]