I love experimenting with all the  nifty things I can do with my tea plants. My daughter gave me a gift of matcha tea recently.  I really liked the flavor and the texture. I also like that I can add it to my smoothies and other food. So I decided that I would try to make my own Matcha style Tea.  

Matcha is what it is because of the physical changes that have to be made in light source to the growing tea plants before the leaves are harvested. Tea plants grown in the sun are shaded for about 4 to 6 weeks prior to harvest with either a bamboo shade or some other type of shade that restricts the light. This restriction of light causes the tea plants to have an abundance of Chlorophyll when the leaves are harvested. This, along with the intense processing methods of  steaming followed by intermittent drying process, followed by grinding, gives Matcha the vibrant green color and taste.  

I didn’t go through the process of sun then shading so my tea is not considered Matcha but I wanted to see if I could create a tea powder that I could use in the same way.   This is how I did it!

What Can You Do With Green Tea Powder? 

Just about anything!  You can add it to water to make green tea or you can add it to smoothies or cocktails.  You can use it for baking or even for ice cream or frozen yogurt.  But be careful….With green tea powder you are not eating just a brew made with green tea leaves – you are consuming the entire leaf so it will be extra potent.  A little will go a long, long way!