Camellia sinensis Tea Plant
One of our best cultivars –  ‘San Francisco Tea’

All Tea comes from one camellia species, Camellia sinensis. But there is not just one camellia sinensis. Just like Camellia japonica and Camellia Sasanqua, Camellia sinensis is made up of many varieties of Tea, all with varying characteristics

Camellia sinensis readily goes to seed and those seedlings are often not very unique by appearance and growth habits, and to the tea farmer who doesn’t care what they look like, it’s a good option when you need a lot of plants fast and you don’t care about complete uniformity.

At Tsubaki Tea™, we grow seedlings and cloned varieties.  Every seedling plant is different from the rest, but with clones, all plants are exact duplicates.

Most growers will sell ‘ordinary’ tea plants, but at Tsubaki Tea™ we grow a selection of great plants that are named cultivars.  We do grow seedlings too, but the selection process for seedlings are just a rigorous as the our cloned tea selection.  Every plant is graded on it’s performance whether it’s a seedling or a clone.

Tsubaki Tea™ is sold online through and our retail store Gene’s Nursery in Savannah GA.