Tsubaki Tea – Fall Plant Selection

Available now in time for Fall planting.  Camellia Sinensis Tea plants.  This year we are proud to announce our larger 2 gallon Tea plants in addition to our 1 gallon Camellia sinensis.   Our one gallon Tea Plants are 1-2 year old plants and average 12-18″ tall.  The two-gallon Camellia sinensis are 2-3 years old and average 18-24″ tall.  The shipping costs are higher on the 2-gallon camellias due to the size and weight and amount of plants per box, but they are BEA-utiful!

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Tsubaki Tea is a retail online nursery that specializes in Camellia sinensis Tea Plants.  You are buying direct from the grower when you purchase Tsubaki Tea plants!

All plants available on Tsubakitea.com are for shipping/mailorder.  If you are in the Savannah GA area, you can visit Gene’s Nursery,  our retail store to purchase and pick up tea plants!