About Our Plants

Tsubaki Camellias has grown and developed Camellia sinensis Tea Plants for over half a century.  Our plants have many origins, the majority, from plants that have been growing in the US for over 150 years, have been traced back to China, Japan, and India.


Our plants are grown in South eastern Georgia USA.  We have a moderate climate, Zone 8a/8b and tea plants flourish here, as they do in most of the moderate climate zones in the USA.  Most we have found to be somewhat cold hardy, taking 20-25ºF without a blemish.

The active growing/harvesting season for Zone 8a/8b is approximately Mid April to Mid September.  Warmer zones have longer growing seasons and colder climates will have shorter seasons.

They prefer a well drained, acid soil with organic matter.  They will not tolerate wet feet or poor draining soils.

Insects that usually infest Tea Plants are: Tea Scale, Mites, Caterpillars, Leaf Hoppers and deer.  There are some others, but these are the most common.

Fungal problems on tea arise when conditions are favorable, poor air circulation, moist, damp and cool conditions which promote fungal development.

Our plants are GMO Free.  They have not been genetically modified.

Camellia sinensis is one of many camellia species, but is most common because of the caffeine content it contains.  There are other species that may contain moderate levels of caffeine, but are not as commonly used as C. sinensis.